In short, we are a US-based, family-run, small business with an extensive background in on-site disaster management both paid and volunteer. 

Our company has been designing and providing uniform pins, patches, citation bars, awards, and accessories since 1999. We have become maybe the largest supplier of EMS and Fire Dept Years of service pins in the country.  

Steven Hull
Co-Founder, Principal

Steve is one of the rare Owners that really “has been there and done that” in the field of disasters and emergency response. Steve has been on-scene and later supervising the response of some of the country’s most unusual incidents and disasters over most of his life. So he gets the pride you feel when you have earned that patch or pin. He knows that we have both paid professionals AND Volunteer Professionals that save lives every day.   And that volunteer responder groups provide an invaluable resource in every national disaster. 

Julia Moore
Co-Founder, Principal

While Julie and Steve share a lot of knowledge of Fire and EMS departments, Julie’s superpowers shine in the C-suite, Operations, and Production Management.

Julie has an extensive corporate background and has in her career run operations, HR, and Facilities in large companies. Julie is the key reason our normal operations and emergency response run so smooth.

Unlike many companies that outsource the hard stuff (and seemingly little stuff too), Julie has designed every nut and bolt that makes our company succeed.

Chief Moral Officer

Alex has been with the company since 2010. He’s so friendly that we almost think of him as a Pet instead of staff. Like many Dot Coms, we feed our staff to keep them happy and Alex never complains about the menu even when others refer to it as Dog Food. No matter what the challenge we know that Alex will keep our spirits high all through the day.

Elizabeth Hull
Public Relations

When we attend public events or exhibits at tradeshows, you will usually find Elizabeth leading the show and greeting our guests, and welcoming long-term customers.

When She is not filling orders in our warehouse she can be found working in our local airport as a gate and ticket agent getting people to their destinations on time with a smile. 

Daniel Hull
Programing, Design Projects

When he’s not designing and building next-gen robots as a Robotics Engineer, jetting around the Country, Daniel consults with us on website design and systems integration. When he’s got the time, he also makes some of our more fun graphics.


We had been selling and designing medical uniform pins and patches for many years on our flagship website. One year we were approached at the EMS Today show to also add fire department and EMS uniform patches, citation bars, and collar brass to our established product lines.  For our Co-Founders, this line seemed like a perfect fit for our existing customer base.  Little did we know that we would spend hundreds of hours taking all the product pictures, writing all the descriptions, and taking measurements. We then discovered (after all that) our supplier could never keep up with the demand of our customers. 

Instead of our usually happy customers, we were waiting weeks for products to arrive with many upsetting backorders, missed banquets, and award ceremonies. At the same time, many large retailers went out of business or stopped carrying Years of Service pins. 

We knew we had to do something.  “You can’t NOT recognize your people!”

As we work directly with our manufacturers, we designed our own collections of Fire Department and EMS Years of Service pins, citation bars, collar brass, and award pins. But don’t worry, in most cases, they match what you have been buying for years. Expanded our Fire Service and EMS Uniform accessories. We included Fire Pins, patches, and apparel for Volunteer First Responders clubs and agencies such as Fire Police members, Chaplains, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Amateur Radio, and more.  

By fixing the problem, our most requested products are in stock over 97% of the time. Our backorders are rare and are restored in weeks not months. Because of the large inventory, we are now able to fill most emergency orders (for say funerals, etc.) same day – year-round. We now fill orders for hundreds of Departments (Fire and EMS) large and small from Alaska to Guam to Puerto Rico each year.

We know how important these milestones are for your members. We do everything we can to make sure you succeed at honoring them – year after year.