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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

We use the standard rates from the United States Postal Service and UPS. For most orders, USPS is the lowest cost option for customers with a regular mail box address. PLEASE double check your address is entered correctly as we are not responsible for mis-addressed packages.

Note: Once a package is delivered by the USPS or UPS it’s time and date stamped with a geolocation of the location delivered. This certifies that it is legally delivered. Should you feel a delivered package has been stolen or misplaced, you should contact either the USPS Postal Inspector or UPS.

At check out, you will see we take all major US credit/debit cards, and are bringing online Apply Pay, Google Pay, or you can enter an electronic check. You can also mail us a paper check or money order for the full amount to out mailing address but the process delays your order by at least 2 weeks.

Note: While we are happy to include P.O. numbers etc. in our invoices for accounting purposes, No orders ship without payment in full. This is how we keep your costs lower for our products. 

We keep large quantities of our most requested products – especially Years of service pins. Over 90% of our orders ship within 24 hours of you placing your order. 

On custom imprinted or embroidered apparel, custom embroidered one-off patches or sewing, please allow 7-14 days for production (then shipping)

In the Post-Covid world some delays in stock replacement may delay things longer then expected, but we work very hard to keep stock or even make minor substitutions.


Let’s compare using your credit card at an old-fashioned restaurant vs using a modern website with secure transactions.

A Restaurant

At a classic restaurant, at the end of a meal, you would hand over your credit card to your waiter and continue your table conversation. Sometimes your card disappears from sight for up to 20 minutes until the waiter returns it for you to add a tip at the bottom of the paper receipt. During that time, you have NO control over your card, or WHO is looking at it before or after it was charged.  Was the information copied or emailed to others for identity theft? Was it taken down the street to charge things at other businesses?  

Unfortunately, unless the transaction was handled at your table it is hard to know if an employee accidentally mishandled or deliberately copied/trafficked your credit card data.

Today’s Modern Website Orders

Here you place the items you want in the website shopping cart and begin the checkout process. When you put in your credit/debit card information, this information is encrypted and only the computer at the major processing company sees the information and sends back an encrypted positive/negative payment message. Website employees never see your credit/debit card information, thus removing most opportunities for employees to steal any customer financial information. 

While one hears of major nationwide data hacks that can steal your information, credit card theft from using a reputable website or by bad company employees is virtually unheard of today over a decade ago.

But I still want to place my order by phone.

We understand and we can still take your order over the phone and handle your credit card information to process the order. Your credit card information is only handled by the owners and is then deleted from our computers. 

When you complete your order, you will receive a Confirmation Email with an order number, the Billing, and Shipping address and finally listing your order. Please double check and if anything is incorrect email or phone us with the corrected information, to avoid any problems before the order leaves the warehouse.

To avoid confusion:
PLEASE do not put both your P.O.Box AND your street address in the SAME shipping address.

We will not know which is the Correct address. We will have to expend an hour of time to check USPS and contact you to figure out which is the best address.

It is find to list the billing address and a different shipping address in the labeled boxes.

When in the correct boxes we generate the shipping label, an additional email will be sent with the tracking number for either USPS or UPS. By the next day (24 hours) you should be able to see the order making its way to your location.This means your package has been officially and legally delivered.

When the order is delivered, you should see the time and date recorded with the carrier and sometimes the name of the person that signed for it.

This is rare, but if the correctly addressed package is lost before the shipment is officially delivered and can’t be found by the carrier, we will replace it or refund your money (at our discretion) Again, this is a rare event as we ship thousands of packages per year with only 1-2 lost in transit, but always check your shipping address carefully (An incomplete: P.O. Box number, Suite or Apt Number cause the package to be lost or delayed) to avoid a problem like this.  

You can verify your address with the Post Office Here: If shipping to your Fire Station check that the postman has a mailbox to deliver to. Many times, it is better to have the package delivered to your home address.


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VIRGINIA Customers Only:

It is simple, email PDF of your Department or Agency Virginia Tax Exempt Certificate to: please include your name and contact information so we can contact you. We can back out the tax and/or create a specific invoice with the tax removed.

If you are an Out of State Customer (meaning that no part of your order will be shipped to Virginia) it is unnecessary to ask for or supply your tax-exempt certificate.

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